Homemade Chicken Nuggets


These are the best chicken nuggets along the Mississippi River. They will be gone in no time.

Yields : 4 serving(s)

Prep Time : 10 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total Time : 20 mins


  • 2 whole Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Cut Into Small Pieces
  • 1 c. All-purpose Flour
  • 1 tbsp. Seasoned Salt (such As Lawry’s)
  • Salt And Black Pepper To Taste
  • 2 whole Eggs
  • 2 tbsp. Water
  • 2 c. Seasoned Breadcrumbs
  • Vegetable Oil, For Frying
  • Ketchup And Mustard, For Serving


First, assemble the bread crumbs: In one bowl, whisk together the flour, seasoned salt, salt and pepper. In another bowl, beat together the eggs and water; place the breadcrumbs in a third bowl. Dust the chicken with flour, quickly dip it into the egg mixture, and roll it in the bread crumbs to coat it. Shake off excess flour and place on a plate or pan while the rest of the breadcrumbs are cooked.

Place a large non-stick skillet over medium heat (skillet should have back heat!) . ) and heat 1 1/2-2 inches of vegetable oil over medium-low heat (hot enough to make a slight sizzling sound when adding the chicken, but not so hot that it burns immediately).

Carefully add 8-10 pieces of chicken and use metal tongs to spread them out to create a space. Cook for 1 minute on one side, then carefully flip and cook the other side. Cook the chicken for a total of 2-3 minutes, until the breadcrumbs are a deep golden brown. If the chicken is small, this should be enough time to cook through.

Transfer the chicken to a paper towel-lined plate and repeat with all remaining chicken until ready to fry. Serve warm with ketchup or mustard sauce.

Chicken Nuggets. After all, chicken nuggets. They are simple, ubiquitous and an important part of the American child’s diet. So are the parents of American children. And the choices are plentiful. From fast food restaurants to the big bags in the frozen section of the supermarket, there are countless chicken nuggets available in this country. But the somewhat secret is that the best chicken nuggets are the ones you make yourself.

For one thing, you know exactly what’s in them.

Plus, you can make them however you like – you don’t have to decide whether you want a four-pack, a six-pack or a ten-pack.

Another reason is that they are totally fresh and delicious.

And one more thing: I now have a cow in my garden.

(The last word has nothing to do with this).

Let’s make some chicken nuggets! Seriously, they’re the best on the West Coast.

The secret to these chicken nuggets is the size of the chicken. You have to get the chicken big enough to cook through before the breadcrumbs get too dark. Cut the chicken breasts into 1.5 cm sized pieces…

Then cut into bite sized pieces.

Keep going until you have a heap. Two large chicken breasts should be enough.

Once the chicken is cut into pieces, you’re ready to coat them with breadcrumbs. Combine the flour and salt in a bowl…

Salt and pepper together.

Stir together with a fork and set aside.

Crack two eggs into another bowl

Add a small amount of water

Stir with a whisk Set this aside as well.

In a third bowl, add 2 cups of seasoned breadcrumbs. Plain is fine, but I like the seasoned crumbs! Because they are so seasoned.

Note: I like the breadcrumbs, but they tend to burn before the chicken is cooked through. I definitely recommend regular breadcrumbs.

To breaded chicken, take a few pieces at a time and throw them into the batter.

Roll them in the batter and shake off any excess flour.

Drizzle in the egg mixture.

Quickly remove

Scoop out with breadcrumbs.

Coat with breadcrumbs.

Place the chicken on a plate or baking sheet, breading the chicken

and continue until all chicken is coated with breadcrumbs.

Then… Guess what? The breaded chicken freezes lightning fast in a large zipper lock bag in the freezer and will keep for up to 6 months.

But I couldn’t wait that long because I was in the mood for chicken nuggets.

Oh well… Another short note: This is a completely different method of breading than the one I use for homemade chicken strips, which uses more traditional fried chicken breadcrumbs. Both are delicious, but I like this crumb coating best on bite-sized chicken pieces.

Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-low heat. To check the amount of oil, throw in some breadcrumbs. If you hear a sizzling sound when you drop the crumbs, it’s ready. (When the oil is just hot enough, carefully drop in a few crumbs at a time.

Cook for 1 minute (or a little more) per side…

Then flip with metal tongs so the other side turns brown.

Keep the oil at the same temperature, as the chicken needs time to cook through so the pieces don’t brown too quickly.

When the breadcrumbs are golden brown, transfer the nuggets to a plate lined with paper towels.

And keep going until all the nuggets are ready. Yummy.

Serve with ketchup, mustard, honey mustard, barbecue sauce, or any other sauce that tosses the skirt. You’ll love it. It’s fun.

Find this recipe in the sidebar or follow the link below to Delicious Kitchen’s printable recipe. Enjoy!