Use this easy finger method to clear your sinuses


Stuffy noses are one of the most annoying things that you’ll have to deal with, your nose does not seem to be functional at all, breathing is not as easy as it was before. Luckily, you can use your fingers to clear your sinuses. Although this may seem strange, this method is a massage that can relieve allergies, cold congestion, and drain your lymph.

This way you will help your lymphatic system to get rid of all the waste, toxins and allow lymph circulation throughout the body. When you compromise your lymphatic system, you’ll be compromising your health as well.

But if you have heart disease, circulatory problems, a fever, active bleeding, or if you are bleeding, then you should not perform this massage on yourself. Without further, here are the directions to successfully perform the massage (make sure to pay close attention and follow the steps carefully).


  1. Use your ring finger to locate the collar bones
  2. Cup your fingers above the collar bones and apply gentle pressure around 50 to 100 pumps (if you don’t feel comfortable, you can cross your hands)
  3. Open your fingers and pull down your neck lightly (50 to 100 pumps)
  4. Cup your hands again and pump the back of your neck (50 to 100 pumps)
  5. Create a V-shape with your hand (as if you are doing the Star Trek Vulcan salute) and massage around your ears (50 to 100 pumps).
  6. Massage the back of your neck again
  7. Massage the sides of your neck
  8. Massage the base of your neck.