5 windex uses you should know about


Windex is usually used for window cleaning, but the product can do much more than just shining a dirty window. Windex can be used to clean many household items and to help you do some tasks way easier. You don’t have to use expensive products, you only need Windex. Here are 8 Windex uses you should know about

1- Moving furniture

Sometimes the way your decoration looks does not satisfy you anymore, so you decide to move things around for a new look, but furniture can be hard to move sometimes. Luckily, Windex can help you move some heavy objects for short distances on hardwood floors, all you have to do is spray the product across the area in front of the furniture to slide it easily.

2- Cleaning burned pots

If you cook a lot, then you might have noticed that some pots have burn marks on their bottoms. The usual method to clear off this problem is to soak them in soapy water and scrub them until they’re clean. That method is a little bit tiring, you can spray Windex on the burned area and sprinkle a thick layer on top of it, then let it sit for an entire night before wiping the burn off with a paper towel.

3- Polishing jewelry

If your jewelry needs some polishing, then put it in a bowel, then fill it completely with Windex and let it sit for a minute before you remove the jewelry from the bowl. Once done, scrub the jewelry with a toothbrush dipped in Windex, then dip the jewelry in Windec for another time and put it on a paper towel until it fully dries up.