Wendy’s Chili


This is not only the perfect copycat recipe. It’s the perfect chili recipe. If you’re impatient, you don’t have to simmer for a full 40 minutes.

Skip the drive-thru and make a delicious bowl of Wendy’s chili at home.

Next time a craving for Wendy’s chili strikes, forget about a trip to the restaurant. Head to the grocery store and make a Wendy’s copycat instead! Cooking up a big batch of this Classic Chili gives you plenty of leftovers and you’ll skip hard-to-pronounce ingredients like Xanthum Gum and Disodium Inosinate in the real thing.

How to Make Copycat Wendy’s Chili

The ingredients here are mostly pantry and refrigerator staples. Make sure to use “fresh never frozen” beef for authentic Wendy’s flavor.

How to make it?

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