Why Ladies’ Underwear Has That Little Pocket In The Middle


Several everyday objects have subtle or secret meanings. For example, did you know that the small holes found in the locks allow water to escape without damaging the locking mechanism? Did you know that the holes at the end of the pot handles were designed to be used as a resting place for your spoon? Funny, isn’t it? Anyway, the secret meaning we’re going to talk about today is those little pockets in the crotch area of women’s underwear.

source: Newsely / YouTube

You may not even realize that your underwear has that little pocket, but it probably does! Although your first thought may be to hide or conceal something in it, this is not the case. First of all, this little pocket is called a “bellows”, and it’s found in all women’s and men’s underwear. The gusset was designed to make the underwear more comfortable and durable, and for women, it also has a hygienic function.

However, the real reason for this pocket is above all a question of “laziness”. Essentially, not sewing the only seam in this pocket saves time during the manufacturing process. Although not sewing this seam saves 10 seconds of production time per pair of underwear, this obviously adds up and ultimately saves manufacturers money.

source: FemPositive

The cheapest underwear almost always has this open seam, forming the pocket..