Why should you run away if you see square waves in the ocean?


The power and strength that emanates from the planet Earth commands respect, while its wonders never cease to remind us how fascinating it is. However, some phenomena can be dangerous. This is the case of the “square waves”, also called “crossed sea”.

It is a natural phenomenon which hides a danger and which reminds us that it is more prudent to admire it from afar without giving in to the temptation to approach it. Deciphering the phenomenon of square waves, in this case dangerous.

Explanation of the “square wave” phenomenon
The “square waves” are drawn by the force of nature in the middle of the ocean. Indeed, if this phenomenon known by surfers and sailors is very attractive by its unusual and aesthetic aspect, it could represent a danger for swimmers and holiday makers according to the strength of the swell. These waves, with their surprisingly geometrical patterns and square shape, draw a kind of chessboard on the large expanse of water. The pattern that results from the crossing of the waves is called “square waves” and offers an admirable spectacle that tourists do not fail to photograph.

What causes these square waves?
Generally, square waves occur when a particularly changeable climate collides with what is called the post-depression “atmospheric front”. This meteorological phenomenon occurs when air masses of different temperature, humidity and density interact. Before this manifestation of nature occurs, the waves on the one hand, begin to spread in one direction until they intersect with other waves from another direction.

This is how the square wave is formed and it is in the middle of this reaction that the danger lies. It is therefore necessary that swimmers refrain from approaching it, especially in the case of a strong swell. If a bather were to find himself in the middle of these square waves, he could have difficulty fighting the currents.

The square wave phenomenon is however to be put into perspective
According to The Guardian newspaper, the square wave phenomenon does not seem to be as dangerous. Although the inherent danger of the phenomenon remains, not all square waves are so intimidating. And for good reason, as long as they are less than a meter in size, they never reach a worrying level of danger. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the sand because if you see holes in it while swimming or even while walking at low tide, you will have to act with caution and make sure you don’t swim too far.

Indeed, it is the moving water masses that cause these holes to form in the sand. This means that the digging of the ground is generated by the current created by the famous waves. In this case, it would be better to return to the coast and warn swimmers and holidaymakers.

But the danger of square waves remains in some cases
Faced with these waves occurring on both sides, many sailors have tried to fight against the phenomenon, seeing their ship powerless against such force. And this, whatever the size of their boat. We can hardly imagine what the scenario would be if it is a swimmer who faces it.
Moreover, the island of RĂ©, in Charente-Maritime, a popular tourist destination, has experienced this square wave phenomenon. Thus, they are represented in a museum housed in the island’s Lighthouse of the Whales, where explanations of this phenomenon are exhibited.

Although it is clear that one should not be in the middle of this phenomenon of nature, one can definitely decide to add it to the list of things in the world to admire.