Why You Should Never Throw An Empty Tube Of Sunscreen Away.


Sunscreen is an important ingredient for a good summer, we should always apply it when we’re out in the sun. We should even apply sunscreen when the sun isn’t directly shining on our faces. Indirect sunlight damages our skin just as much as the direct one. But when the summer is over and we’re heading through winter already, we probably all have some empty tubes and bottles of sunscreen lying around our homes. Don’t throw them away! Empty sunscreen tubes have some clever secret uses.

From now on, you’ll never throw empty sunscreen tubes again!


We are all aware of how dangerous the sun is, but we just want to remind you again to always use sunscreen no matter what the weather is. Use it every day and no matter what time of the day it is. Especially in the summer and hot weather. It’s necessary to put an extra layer of sunscreen on our skin when the sun is strong. Apply it on your face, your eyelids, your ears… wherever the sun makes contact with your skin. It’s also important to use an SPF balm on your lips because they get sunburned too.

Extra sunscreen

Your tube of sunscreen might not be empty as you think. Before you throw it in the trash bin, check it out, it might contain more sunscreen that it seems to. Cut the tube from its other side and you’ll notice how much product is left. You can even use it a few more times. It really makes a difference especially because good bottles of sunscreen aren’t that cheap, so get your money’s worth!