You can a lot about your health just from the color of your urine


Urinating is an important process that the body does to remove all of the wastes in the body (toxins, extra fluids, etc), but the consistency, color, and smell of the urine have a lot to say about someone’s health. Some urine states indicate that you just need to chug more water and others indicate that you need medical assistance.

The healthy urine color is pale straw, the darker yellow it gets the more you need water in your system (it’s a sign of dehydration). If your urine color is either honey or amber, then you need to drink more water. If the color of your urine is orange, then it can mean three things, dehydration, a problem with the liver or bile ducts, or simply it’s like that because of food coloring.

You should know that what you eat affects the color of urine. For example, pink or reddish urine color can be a result of eating rhubarb or blackberries. However, if you notice one of those colors without you eating rhubarb or blackberries, then you should seek immediate medical attention because that can be a sign of prostate problems, kidney disease, a urinary tract infection, or worse, a tumor.