You want to ease coughs? Learn how to use Vicks and foot massage.

A lot of people when using Vicks to treat coughing, they rub it on their chests like they were told to, but little do they know that rubbing on their feet may also work.
However, it was brought clear that Vicks can actually ease coughs when rubbed on feet. This happens because the feet soles are full of sensory nerves, that is why when Vicks is applied to the feet, sensory nerves get stimulated and that means that an express message sent to the brain in order to calm the coughing. But until now this remains just a hypothesis and there is no scientific evidence backing it up. As a matter of fact, until now, there is not a single scientific reason that explains why Vicks works when rubbed on the feet.
There are also claims that foot massages can heal coughs. Most specifically a foot massage with warm sesame oil that starts from the ball of the foot then developing to heels and toes can be effective against heavy coughs and colds.
The secret behind this is the practice of reflexology, or in other terms applying pressure to specific and targeted pressure points in the feet in order to treat symptoms in other parts of the body. It is said that the pads that lie underneath the toes and directly under the ball of the foot when massaged, can actually ease off coughs. Here is a video explaining the proper way to use reflexology to deal with cold symptoms and suppress coughs.

Even though many people claimed that rubbing Vicks on their feet actually helped them treat their coughing, many others busted this remedy and labeled it as fake. Dr. Satya D. Narisety gave a reason why Vicks works if applied on the feet. She said that it is probably because of the menthol scent that makes the brain think that the nasal and upper airways are open, and she said that this method works only if you were able to smell the menthol. She also explained that this method works better if the menthol scent is stronger and if it is closer to the nose, that is why rubbing Vicks on the chest is the recommended move because the menthol scent is easily detectable and is at a safe distance from both the nose and the mouth.