Healthy Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls


Enjoy This Delicious Casserole Any Day Of The Week!

I don’t know about you but the first few weeks after the holidays I’m always on a pretty tight budget.

I tend to spend a lot of money on Christmas presents and decorations (yes, I spoil my kids) so I want to make sure I get “back on track” as soon as the festivities are over. That means I also pay attention to what kind of meals I’m cooking. It doesn’t mean I will start feeding my family noodle soup and crackers for the next three weeks, but I carefully choose ingredients that are savory, hearty – yet, inexpensive.

Cabbage fits the criteria perfectly so we are having all kinds of cabbage dishes in the near future! I intend to make a special cabbage soup to shed a couple of pounds… but before I do that, I want to get started with this awesome cabbage casserole I found over at Food & Family.

If you love cabbage rolls but don’t have the time or energy to go through all the hassle of making them, I suggest you give this yummy recipe a try. You get all the wonderful flavors with half the effort!


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