Your Comprehensive Guide To Properly Scheduling Household Chores


 don’t think that anyone particularly loves cleaning their house, but unfortunately, it’s a necessity. With the hectic nature of life, it can be easy to let our chores slide. And before we know it, our homes are a complete disaster. However, if you stick to this simple household chore schedule, you’ll never have to be overwhelmed by the thought of a whole-house cleaning.

Every day, you should…

Do the dishes or load/unload the dishwasher

Wipe down kitchen counters

Wipe down bathroom counters

Sweep or vacuum kitchen floors

Make your bed

Arrange living room throw pillows, etc.

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Every week, you should…

Vacuum the entire house

Mop/clean all floors

Sanitize bathroom counters/surfaces

Clean toilets

Wipe down kitchen appliances

Wash your bedding and towels

Windex mirrors and glass

Do laundry (for some households, this might happen more like every day)


Every month, you should…

Vacuum hard-to-reach places

Wipe down baseboards

Dust and clean light fixtures/ceiling fans

source: The Country Chic Cottage

Every few months, you should…

Vacuum and deodorize mattresses

Vacuum underneath and behind all pieces of furniture

Wash shower curtains and liners

Clean out (including wiping down) fridge and freezer

Clean oven (self-cleaning mode will do)

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Every year, you should…

Clean all drapes/curtains

Get all carpeting professionally cleaned or rent a steam cleaner

Clean exterior windows

Clear out eavestroughs

Have the fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned (unless you feel confident doing so)

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If you complete these tasks according to this general schedule, cleaning and maintaining your home will feel a lot less stressful. If you have a partner and children, assign each person in your household a task so that everyone pitches in. Having a clean and tidy home can be easy if you take on your chores in a realistic, efficient fashion.