11 mildew cleaning methods you have to know about


Mildew is an annoying buildup that can grow on almost all surfaces like bricks (yes! bricks) walls, fabrics, and grout. Mildew can be usually found in areas that have high moisture levels like the kitchen, bathrooms, and unventilated areas in general.

To remove mildew, many people use expensive cleaning products. Some of them are super effective, but they are really expensive. You can use alternative methods that use cheap products that can available at your very own home. Without further ado, here are 11 mildew cleaning methods you have to know about.

1. Mildew remover for hard surfaces

Bleach can be one of the most effective products that can remove mildew from hard surfaces. First mix bleach with borax, then use the blend to clean mildew off of the surfaces. Make sure to use gloves to avoid any sort of irritation.

2. Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil has many uses around the house, and removing mildew seems to be one of them. Also, tea tree oil can prevent mildew from returning onto surfaces. You can use pure tea tree oil as you can use any other kind of tea tree oil.

3. Hydrogen peroxide mildew eraser

If you don’t like bleach and you don’t want to use it, then hydrogen peroxide should be your alternative option. Boost the cleaning abilities of hydrogen peroxide by mixing it with vinegar before using it to remove mildew.

4. Essential oil mildew remover

Almost all essential oils have antifungal properties (lavender oil seems to be the best one for me). All you have to do is mix lemon creates with vodka and lavender to get a powerful cleaner that can successfully remove mildew.

source: MOM 4 REAL

5. Prevent shower mildew

To prevent mildew from building up in your shower, make sure to clean it frequently and after each use if necessary. You can mix vinegar with Dawn dishwashing liquid to get a powerful and safe cleaner that can remove the existing mildew. Use the blend once a week to clean your shower in order to prevent mildew from building up again.