12 Health Benefits Of Okra That Will Make You Love Greens


The hibiscus esculentus or simply Okra is a native Ethiopian plant that has many healing potentials and properties that have been used for hundreds of years to treat a lot of health issues. The okra seeds are relatively small and have a color that leans towards green. Okra can be added to salads, broths, and stews for a diverse taste that comes with health benefits.

Okra has huge healing potentials that can deal with a lot of health issues. Without any further ado, here are 12 health benefits of okra. 

1- It regulates Cholesterol Levels

Okra can actually decrease cholesterol levels in the human body, and somehow prevents the accumulation of fat. On top of that, it supports the production of bile acid which decreases the chances of having atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

2- Control Diabetes

Okra can successfully inhibit the alpha-glucosidase enzyme that breaks down carbs and improves the insulin sensitivity of the cells. Long story short, okra can decrease fasting glucose levels and somewhat deal with diabetes.

3- Improves Eyesight and Boosts the Immune System

Okra has high levels of vitamin A that boosts the immune system because it has the ability to boost the production of white blood cells. Furthermore, vitamin A can enhance eyesight and prevent visionary problems.

4- Treats Fatigue

Okra contains a lot of antioxidants and polyphenols that support the process of storing glycogen in the livers. This means that energy levels become amplified.

5- Control Food Cravings

Okra is full and rich in fiber that is responsible for the satiety feeling that prevents weight gain.

6- Improves Skin Health

Use okra to lower the chances of premature aging of the skin because it contains strong antioxidant properties that can make your skin feel softer and become healthier.

7- Prevent Gastritis

Use okra juice to lower chances of getting gastritis. The plant can actually fight against inflammation and bacteria. As an example, Okra juice can effectively fight the H.pylori located in our guts.

8- Prevent from Kidney Diseases

To prevent kidney diseases, make sure to take okra any way you like every single day.

9- Improve Hair Health

Okra can give you a shiny, soft, and healthy dandruff. The plant is actually effective against dandruff.

10- Prevent Sunstroke

Sunstrokes are actually preventable if you use okra.

11- Prevent from Constipation

If you have problems with water absorption, use okra to improve the process. This way you can also prevent constipation and feel relieved because of the free disposal motion.

12- Stop bleeding, and Prevent Brittle Bones

Surprisingly, okra is full of vitamin K that can actually make bones stronger. Furthermore, the vitamin can actually decrease the risk of fractures, reduce the risks of osteoporosis, improve the circulation of blood in the human body. Don’t feel amazed yet because this vitamin can actually lower your chances of having excessive bleeding.