Know these 10 things to make nurses lives easier

Nurses are the uncrowned kings of the medical world because their efforts and tries are rarely recognized by anyone. Their shifts are long, their work is tiring, their job is important yet they still find a way to cope with it and provide the best care possible for the patient, and somehow only a few appreciates their work.
Nurses on the other hand, really want patients to know some pieces of information but they can’t tell them because it can potentially put an end to their careers. Some of the informations can actually make their work easier and others are about your personal safety. Without further ado, here are 10 things you should know to make nurses work much easier.
1) Seek medical help when your symptoms start arising.
One day you woke up with a headache that won’t simply go away, then you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible to treat things before it gets any worse.
2) Don’t lie to nurses. 
Nurses are natural lie detectors, so don’t try to hide some facts when they start asking you questions. If they ask you whether you drink or smoke, answer honestly because your answer can make their lives easier when creating a treatment plan for you.
3) Don’t fake pain.
As I mentioned before, nurses are natural lie detectors, so if you are faking pain, they will probably notice even if they ask you how bad is it. If for example, you are in enormous pain in a moment and in another one you start playing or texting normally, then they will instantly know that you are faking it.
4) Hospitals are filthy. 
Despite the fact that hospitals maintain high standards when it comes to hygiene, you should know that it is a place full of germs. Nurses will always appreciate a patient that uses hand sanitizer.
5) You are not yet ready to go home.
You should know that hospitals are fully packed almost on a daily basis, that is why when doctors think that you are in a stable state and going home won’t lead to any more complications, then they’ll set you off. However, when doctors give you permission to go home, it doesn’t mean that you are fully recovered, it means that you are un a safe and stable state and you can recover without complication even if you are not in the facility.
6) Nurses need to know everything. 
Nurses always ask questions about things related to your health and personal lifestyle. In other words, they want to know if your lifestyle has an impact on your health, and they want to know if you were on any medications to come up with a nice healing plan. However, if the patient is not cooperating and refuses to answer the nurses’ questions, it makes their jobs much much harder.
7) Nurses do not deliver the results.
Nurses are going to know if your results are ready, but are not responsible for them because it is the doctor’s job to deliver and explain the results to you. That is why you shouldn’t feel anxious when the nurse refuses to tell you what your results are because it is the doctor’s job.
8) Nurses have to deal with the red tape first.
When you are a patient, you become a demanding person because of the pain you feel, which obligates nurses to get your medications as soon as possible. Sadly, not every patient appreciates and admires their effort because they don’t know that they have to deal with paperwork after giving you medications.
9) Drink a lot of water before nurses take your blood.
Did you know that drinking water can actually speed up the process of drawing blood? Next time, if nurses are drawing your blood and it is taking too long, it is probably because of the lack of water in your system.
10) Positivity.
Nurses go through a lot and they face real stressful situations, but somehow they manage to get their heads around it and have a good laugh. This should inspire you to have a positive like because it can actually improve your health and make you a better person and patient.
Sickness is bad and sick people are worse because they think that they are the only ones in pain ignoring the fact that nurses have to go through a lot to provide proper care to you.