13 Things That Bring Good Fortune to Your Home


In the quest for an extra dose of good fortune, whether rooted in ancient feng shui principles or cultural folklore, embracing symbolic charms is a delightful way to infuse positivity into your living space. While the scientific backing may be scant, there’s no harm in incorporating these symbols associated with luck, prosperity, and well-being into your home decor. Dive into a world of charm with these auspicious elements and animals believed to bring blessings into your abode.

Bountiful Fruit

Beyond mere edibles, fruits can be powerful symbols in feng shui. Apples are linked to peace, grapes signify abundance and success, and peaches represent immortality. For an extra dash of good luck, consider keeping nine oranges in a room to ward off negativity. If real fruit isn’t your preference, opt for a still-life painting featuring your favorite produce.

Elephants of Strength

Widely recognized as symbols of strength and wisdom, elephants, especially with trunks turned upward, are believed to bring good luck. Place an elephant figurine near your front door to safeguard your home or adorn your family room with a throw pillow featuring an elephant for a touch of positive energy.

Chirping Crickets

While a cricket’s chirping might disrupt your night’s sleep, it is also considered a harbinger of good fortune and wealth. Embrace the belief that crickets bring happiness, and let their presence remind you to stay joyful.

Auspicious Front Door Hues

The exterior of your home plays a role in attracting good luck. Red, a color associated with various cultures and religions, is a popular choice for front doors. However, in feng shui, the door color should align with the direction your house faces, such as earth tones for east-facing homes, reds and yellows for south, soft neutrals for west, and deep tones for north.

Horseshoes for Luck

Traditionally mounted near doorways or used as knockers, horseshoes are enduring symbols of good luck. Some believe the iron wards off evil spirits, while others emphasize the luck brought by the seven nails in a horseshoe. Hanging it right-side up ensures luck never runs out, while pointing it downward showers good fortune on all who pass beneath.

Vulture Heads for Protection

In some cultures, hanging a vulture’s head in the home is believed to ward off death and bring protection. While unconventional, this charm is rooted in the belief that it safeguards the household from negative forces.

Saint Joseph Statue for Home Sales

Struggling to sell your house? Some Roman Catholics bury a statue of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of home and family, upside down in their front yard, accompanied by a prayer for a swift sale. Whether dug up post-sale or left in place, the statue is seen as a protector of the home’s new inhabitants.

Fortuitous Goldfish

Symbolizing abundance and prosperity, fish are considered lucky. If maintaining an aquarium isn’t your preference, a bowl with a goldfish or two can bring good fortune in a compact package.

Reviving Luck with Acorns

In times of misfortune, scatter a few acorns around your home. Ancient druids viewed oak trees as sacred, carrying acorns for good luck. Embrace this tradition to turn your fortunes around.

Balancing with the Five Chinese Elements

Derived from Chinese culture, feng shui seeks harmony between individuals and their environments. Incorporate the five Chinese elements—wood, water, metal, earth, and fire—into your home to create a balanced and auspicious living space.

Purifying with Incense

Beyond its aromatic benefits, incense is believed to drive negativity out of a space. Scents like citrus and vanilla are considered particularly lucky, adding an element of prosperity to your home.

Turtle Guardians

Turtles, like elephants, are regarded as carriers of luck. Feng shui practitioners believe that placing turtle symbols or figurines in a home will protect its inhabitants from evil forces, making them a meaningful and decorative addition.

Lucky Plants for Prosperity

Lucky bamboo plants, along with others like money trees, snake plants, orchids, jade, and peace lilies, are thought to bring luck and prosperity when received as gifts. These easy-to-care-for houseplants not only symbolize auspiciousness but also add a touch of greenery to your living space.

Embrace the art of inviting good fortune into your home by integrating these charming symbols and elements. While their efficacy may be subjective, the positive energy they bring can be a delightful addition to your living space.

image source : istockphoto