14 Items That Surprisingly Don’t Need To Be Kept In The Fridge


Are the shelves, drawers, and side compartments in your fridge filled to the overflow with containers, jugs, and holders? If you use huge amounts of food and cooking items and have no compelling reason to throw them out, there’s good news —there are really many things that can be securely put away outside of your fridge. Here they are!

1. Hot Sauce

Did you realize that opened hot sauce shouldn’t be put away in the fridge? Being cold remains hot sauce’s flavor and changes its texture, making it harder to pour.

2. Bread

You may believe that putting away bread in the fridge will help it to stay fresh for long, yet it’s really the opposite. Putting away bread in the fridge will make it go stale all faster.

3. Avocados

Avocados can take perpetually to age, especially in case you’re putting them away in the fridge. Sore them on the counter instead to enjoy them a lot faster.

4. Ground Coffee

Numerous people depend on keeping their ground coffee in the fridge or the freezer. However, putting ground coffee in these places will let the dampness in, and that will make your coffee lose flavor and turn sour fast.

5. Peanut Butter

Except if it’s the natural kind, peanut butter shouldn’t be kept in the fridge! You can securely store it in a cabinet until it’s totally consumed.

6. Basil

Albeit many people keep their herbs in the fridge, basil is one variety that should be kept somewhere else. The cold from the fridge really makes the basil lose its flavor.

7. Garlic

Something else that loses its flavor when put away in the fridge? Garlic. You’re in the right situation keeping it put away in a garlic compartment in a cabinet or pantry.

8. Baked Goods

Just like bread, keeping baked goods in the freezer will cause them to go stale faster. It’s smarter to keep biscuits, cakes, and other baked goods at room temperature.


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