15 Great Storage Solutions For Small Spaces


Living in an apartment, a small house, or any other place where space is limited can certainly be a challenge. How can you store your belongings without making them look cluttered and overcrowded? Here are 15 simple and super-smart storage ideas specifically designed for small spaces.

  1. Towel bar

If your bathroom space is limited, a towel bar is the perfect storage solution! You can hang baskets or baskets. You can hang baskets or boxes on the bar to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

  1. Wall hooks

Two wall hooks are a convenient place to hang an ironing board. If wall space is limited, hooks can be fixed behind the door.

  1. Magnetic cookware

This idea may not be suitable for those with children, but magnetic cookware strips are a great way to free up drawer space.

  1. Command hooks

source: WatchMeDIY.com

Hang command hooks on the inside of bathroom cabinets to hang straightening perms, curlers, and other hair styling products.

  1. Wire baskets

Wire baskets allow you to keep cutting boards out of the way while keeping them in a convenient location.

  1. Rolling bins

Bins on casters allow you to store clothes, shoes, and other items under the bed for easy access.

  1. Customized Medicine Cabinet

If there is no counter space in the bathroom, a small slot can be cut in the medicine cabinet shelf to hold toothbrushes inside.

  1. Staircase storage

If storage space is really tight, building a cabinet or drawer under the stairs is a good woodworking project.

  1. Over-the-door organizer

Over-the-door organizers are great for storing cleaning supplies and other items.

  1. Floor Trusses
source : handyman

You can utilize every inch of your basement by screwing wire shelves under the joists. This way, bins and baskets can be easily tucked in for storage.

  1. Hidden Keys

Hinged frames in entryways are ideal for hiding or hanging keys.

  1. Reuse detergent bottles

Cut a slit in an empty detergent bottle to make it easier to store and grab nails, screws, and other hardware.

  1. Reclining couch storage

A long, narrow sleeper couch parked at the foot of the bed is ideal for shoe storage.

  1. Corner desk

If you need a workspace but the room is too small, a corner desk is the perfect solution.

  1. Book bed frame

Finally, here’s a way to use a cut-out bed frame as a handy bookshelf! How clever!