19 Clever Ideas for Organizing Your Bathroom to Keep It Tidy



Probably the most organized room in the house is the bathroom. Think about it. We do a lot of things in the bathroom, and each job requires different tools that are usually used by more than one person, yet the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. In order to stay sane, we need to keep our bathrooms organized! Luckily, there are all sorts of ideas, tips, and tricks to make organizing easier. Here are 19 of our favorite ways.

Shower caddy.

These organizing tips will blow your mind and make you wonder why you didn’t think of them before. For example, hang your shower caddy in the most convenient place. With this simple tip, you can hang several shower boxes to double the storage space for large families or visitors.

Shower curtain pockets

Another tip from organizing and storage maven Alejandra.tv? Put a pocket in the lining of your shower curtain! They’re perfect for storing and organizing children’s bath toys and small toiletries. You can DIY your own pockets on your shower curtain liner or you can purchase them here. You can also hang a shoebox in the shower.


Remember how easy it was to make a vanity out of dollar store plates and candlesticks? Using the same idea to create a vanity will not only keep your toiletries within reach, but also give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Magnetic Toothbrush Strips

What’s one of the hardest items to organize in the bathroom? The toothbrush! Save counter space by making and installing magnetic organizer strips for regular toothbrushes.

Install broom clips for electric toothbrushes.

Use broom clips to mount an electric toothbrush to the side of your medicine cabinet.

Toothbrush cabinet opening .

Make a notch in the medicine cabinet shelf to protect your toothbrush from germs and prevent it from falling out each time you open the medicine cabinet.

Dual shower rods.

If you have a large family and only one bathroom, there are never enough ways to organize your shower. One of our favorite ideas is to hang a second set of hanging rods and then hang as many baskets as possible.

Hanging supplies.

Alternatively, you can skip the baskets altogether and just hang the supplies! Simply attach the clips to the shower ring.

Mason Jar Storage.

When in doubt, arrange vertically! This Mason jar organizer is a classic idea for utilizing wall space to keep cotton swabs, sponges, hair ties, and cotton balls neatly organized.

Planter box organizer

Repurpose slim planter boxes to create well-organized dividers in tight spaces.

Floating Shelves

What’s one of the easiest ways to organize your bathroom? Shelves, of course! Floating shelves and vanity shelves allow you to store everything within reach. (If you like floating shelves, you can find them here).

Reuse the kitchen cart.

Don’t limit yourself to bathroom items. For example, this IKEA Grundtal cart was designed for the kitchen, but it works great in the bathroom, too! Cleaning guru Clean My Space uses this cart throughout her home.

Grease bottle

Need more items from the kitchen? Oil bottles! Oil bottles take up less space than bulky plastic bottles, while still holding mouthwash and other products that make oil bottles even more attractive. Back to the kitchen. ……

Wire Food Shelf .

Wire Food Racks and Baskets! Designed to hang from the ceiling, they can be placed in the bathroom or hung from a curtain rod in the bathroom or shower! – Everything from toilet paper to toiletries.

File baskets

And the other room? The office! Hang baskets and folders designed for files and keep hand towels and toilet paper inside for easy organization and access.

Power Stands.

The biggest enemy to organizing your bathroom can be power cords. Keep cords in check and utilize toilet paper rolls with this simple upcycling idea.

PVC Tube Holster

Don’t want to save a roll of toilet paper or need something safer and longer lasting? Install a piece of PVC pipe behind your dresser door or on the wall to store curling irons and other perm tools.

PVC Pipe Razor Holder

Another way to use PVC pipe? This DIY razor rack keeps razors from falling into the tub every time you take a shower. Simply zip-tie the cut pipe to your existing shower caddy.

Under the sink lazy susan and basket

Don’t let pipes under the sink get in the way of your organizing efforts. Use multiple baskets and carousels to store all your bottles and accessories so you can find what you need when you need it.