4 of the most frequent dirty items found in restaurants


Dining out is one of my favorite activities. After a busy week, I want to enjoy a glass of wine in a pleasant atmosphere and have a good meal prepared by someone else. One of the only drawbacks of eating out is that you can hide tons of germs there. Here are the four dirtiest things to avoid next time you eat out.

1. High Chairs And Child Booster Seats

source: Daily Mail

This shouldn’t be a big surprise, since young children tend to drool and become depressed, and something much more unpleasant comes out the other side. That’s why high chairs and booster seats are often covered with germs, and may even have traces of E. coli. Before you put your child in a high chair, wipe him or her carefully with a disinfectant cloth.

2. Lemon Slices

source: Reader’s Digest / Shutterstock

You should think twice before asking for a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Since the preparation of drinks in a restaurant is not as strict as the preparation of food, many employees throw a lemon into a glass without washing their hands. Numerous studies on restaurant lemons have shown that they are often covered with germs, including E. coli. Yuck!

3. Menus

source: Reader’s Digest / istockphoto.com

It is not surprising that restaurant menus are absolutely contaminated with germs, because there are many different people who treat them every day. Sometimes restaurant staff don’t disinfect the menus as often as they should, which means their hands come into contact with a whole range of germs.