5 windex uses you should know about


4- Shining shoes

Everyone likes shiny leather shoes. To polish them all by yourself, spray Windex on them, then use a clean soft cloth to rub them. This way you will remove scuff marks and dirt, and end up with clean and shiny shoes.

5- Removing carpet stains

If you have stains on your carpet, don’t panic, instead, spray Windex all over the stain and put an old t-shirt over it. Once done, iron the t-shirt and the stain will disappear magically.

Additional tips

Make your house smell amazing

Mix Downey Unstopables with baking and hot water and let the solution sit for 30 minutes. Pour it in a spray bottle, give it a good shake for additional mixing and start spraying it around the house to spread a nice smelling scent.

Dust your blinds in a pinch

You can dust your blinds easily, all you have to do is cover both ends of tongs with two separate cloths (use rubber bands to secure them in place). Once done, pinch down the tongs on the blinds and slide them to clean off the dust easily.

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