6 Efficient Tips to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet: Proper Care and Seasoning Tips


Taking care of cast iron cookware can be one of the hardest things to and the internet, sadly, is full of false pieces of information. Some claim that washing them with soap after every use is effective, others claim that washing them with soap ruins them. But, after many tries, I finally the best tips. Here are 6 tips to deal with cast iron cookware.

1. You Can Use Soap

source: Lifehacker

Unlike what most people claim, soap is very safe for cast iron skillet cleaning. You can use mild dish soap to clean your cast iron skillets and don’t be afraid it won’t ruin the coating. However, avoid putting your cast iron in a dishwasher and avoid using bleach. Once you’re done washing the cast iron skillet, make sure to pat it.

2. Prevent Rust

source: AllRecipes

If you want to avoid having a rusty cast iron, make sure to clean it when it’s still warm and wipe it with olive oil to protect and preserve the seasoning. This step is simple but it makes a difference, don’t store your cast irons when they’re still wet.

3. Don’t Overheat

source: Food & Wine

Cast iron skillets are designed to endure extreme heat, however, this causes food to stick on the iron and will leave you with stains that are very hard to clean. With this in mind, make sure to cook your food on medium heat to avoid hard stains.

4. Preheat Them

source: Ruled

If you want your food to be cooked evenly, make sure to preheat your cast iron before putting food in it. You can simply let the skillet sit in your oven for a couple of minutes to warm it up.

5. Switch-It Up

source: Severino Pasta

A very special feature that only cast iron cookware has, is the usability in the oven and directly on the stovetop. This feature allows you to have crispy dishes or caramelized ones if you transfer the skillet from the stovetop to the oven once the cooking process starts reaching its final stages.

6. Reseason When Needed

source: Lodge Cast Iron

When you have a cast iron for quite some time, you should consider reseasoning it. Simply soak it, scrub it, and season it normally and that is it.

These tips can help you expand the life span of your cast iron cookware, which indirectly means enjoying more flavored dishes for a longer period of time.