8 natural ways to fight cholesterol and high blood pressure


6. Eliminate processed foods. 

As mentioned before, high blood pressure requires a low intake of salt, that is why you should eliminate processed foods food because they are high in sodium. To reduce sodium levels, make sure to eliminate processed foods from your diet permanently.

7. Watermelon seeds. 

Watermelon seeds can relieve hypertension and widen blood capillaries because of a compound they have. Simply grind dried watermelon seeds and eat a teaspoon of the seeds first thing in the morning (make sure that your stomach is empty).

8. Lemon. 

Lemon is full of natural antioxidants that can lower high blood pressure and reduce free radicals. Lemon also contains vitamin C, that is why consuming lemon juice regularly is extremely beneficial. Squeeze a lemon, then mix the juice and drink it first thing in the morning to control high blood pressure.

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