9 Magic Wax Paper Uses You Never Heard Of Before

Most people use wax paper for food cooking or heating purposes. But, it has other uses than just that; It can be used both inside and outside of the kitchen and all over the house. After reading this article, you will always make sure to have wax paper in your house, so here are 9 wax paper uses you never heard of before.
1. Clean can openers
If you own and use a can opener, with time, you’ll start noticing scattered pieces of rubbish all over it. To solve this problem, simply run the wax paper through the can opener to loosen up the debris.
2. Maintain kitchen wood
If you want to maintain the good looks of your wooden bowels, simply wash and dry them, then line them with wax paper. On top of that, you can protect your wooden cutting boards from bacteria using wax paper.
3. Shine chrome finishing
Maintaining the cleanliness of faucets can be really difficult. Wipe down your faucet and any other chrome finishing you have with wax paper to keep it clean.
4. DIY pot lid 
If you realize that you don’t have a pot lid, you can make one at home using wax paper. Simply cut it in a circle shape that fits your pot, and make a hole in the center of the pot to make an escape route for the steam.
5. Clean floors 
Dirt can stick easily on wax paper, that is why you should always attach a wax paper to your sweep before sweeping the house. This way you will get rid of more dust than sweeping the floor normally.
6. Unstick a zipper
Sometimes when dressing up, closing up the zipper is the only thing that’s left to do and just like that, the zipper decides to jam. Luckily you can find your way out of this misfortune bubbing the teeth of the jammed zipper with wax paper.
7. Prevent light damage
Believe it or not, light can actually vandalize fabric. Hopefully, wax paper can protect such materials. Simply wrap your favorite fabrics, like wedding dresses, with wax paper.
8. Protect your car antennae
Bugs, dirt, and dust are elements that can easily ruin car antennas, but you can protect them by rubbing wax paper all over them. On top of that, it somehow enhances radio reception as well.
9. Better ironing
You help your iron glide better and become better if you simply rub wax paper along the ironing board.