Amazing bar soap uses you never knew before


Soap bars are to be found in almost every house because they are mostly used to clear germs off of people’s hands, but most people don’t know that they are much more than just hand cleaners. A normal bar of soap can have big uses that a very few know of, that is why we bring you today amazing bar soap uses you never knew before.

1. Make soap sachets to keep deer and other wildlife out of your garden

If you live near a forest or a place where wildlife is commonly sighted, then your garden is probably a sack stand for herbivore animals especially deers and rabbits. There are options that you can use to solve this problem like deterrents, but they are packed with chemicals and they are very expensive, not to mention the absurd instructions. The best alternative option is a bar of Irish Spring, it is cheap and very useful.

To use the soap, first, cut it into cubes and wrap them in cloth scraps, then staple them on stakes and put them throughout the garden (focus on the places the animals usually occupy). You can also scatter some pieces of soap all over the garden too.

2. Prevent soot in your cast iron pot when cooking on an open flame

Camping is a great hobby that can destress you and provide you with an undescribed freedom feeling, and the best part is cooking on an open flame, the view, and feeling generated from that activity is simply indescribable. Sadly, the bottom side of the pot can develop soot that is hard o wash off. To prevent it from forming, make sure to rub a bar of soap all over the bottom of the pot before putting it on the flame. This way, soot won’t build-up and the cleaning procedure will be much easier.

3. Avoid getting dirt under your fingernails

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love gardening, but the downside of it is the dirt that always finds its way under my fingernails. This method is for those who love to work open-handed to feel the soils (people who don’t want to wear gloves). Make sure to scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap to get rid of the silvers sitting under them before you head out gardening to prevent dirt from building up under your nails.

4. Keep insects off your plants

Soap can be used to keep bugs off of your plants. To do that, add a slice of soap to the water container and mix everything well, then pour the solution in a spray bottle ad start spraying the bottom part of the leaves.

5. Make smelly shoes smell nice again

If your shoes smell bad, then wrap a bar of soap and put it inside the smelly shoes and let them sit for an entire night and when its morning time, the bad smell will simply cease to exist and fresh smell will replace it.

6. Prevent mothballs and musky odors

Sometimes it is hard to keep a good fresh smell in your clothes, but a bar of soap can help you do just that. Simply put some wrapped soap bars in your drawers, closets, and places where you put your clothes to prevent musky odors from getting built-up on them.



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