Here’s why you should start dry brushing


Dry brushing started trending recently in the beauty and self-care world. It became a daily routine for many many people, but this routine actually dates back to very old cultures

This method was used a lot by the ancient Greek athletes and Japanese people before bathing to somehow encourage circulation after finishing physical exertion.

And 30 years ago, a doctor from Finland prescribed the dry brushing technique to his patients so that they exfoliate, detoxify, and even stimulate their skin. Everyone talks about the importance of taking care of the face, but, in fact, we should take care of the entire skin in our body.

Before we get into further details, what exactly is dry brushing?

Dry brushing, in simple terms, is the use of a coarse dry brush to brush the skin in a certain and specific pattern to improve the quality of our skin and the entire health.

Sadly, there are no scientific researches or studies backing this method up, but it is usually recommended by beauty professionals and naturopaths, as well as the many people praising and recommending this method.

Dry skin brushing can actually help you get rid of toxins because it boosts up lymphatic drainage which keeps the entire lymphatic system in action. This is a great thing because the lymphatic system is the one responsible for removing waste products from the body. This way you won’t have a sluggish lymphatic system that does not kick out toxins out of the body.