Avoid doing these 11 habits because they make you look older


6. No fat

Eating fat-free products seems to be the trending phenomenon these days. However, adopting that kind of attitude can prematurely age you. Don’t get me wrong, you should avoid consuming foods with unhealthy fat, but you should eat those with healthy fats because the human body needs monosaturated fats and omega-3 fats.

7. Alcohol

Drinking a glass of red wine on a lovely evening with a loved one is a very charming thing that has psychological benefits because it boosts your mood and also physical ones. Yes drinking a glass of wine has health benefits because it has a good impact on your heart. But, you should limit your daily dose of alcohol to a single or 2 drinks a day at max because too much alcohol can negatively impact your overall health. You should limit your drinks to a single drink for women and two for men.

8. Smoking

Smoking is such a bad habit not only because of its dangerous impact on your health but also because it can affect your teeth, nails, voice, and skin causing premature aging and death. Make sure to quit smoking as soon as you can to extend your lifespan.

9. Headphones

Hearing loud noises constantly can lead to hearing loss. Because everyone loves to wear headphones and crank up the volume, losing hearing is something that will affect a lot of people in the near future. To protect your hearing make sure to keep the volume as low as possible.

10. Sitting

Not many people know this, but sitting is considered a silent killer. This bad habit can actually shorten your lifespan. For that reason alone, you should start moving around a little bit more frequently.

11. Tanning

People know this and simply choose not to care. Tanning is bad for the skin and will make you look prematurely older. Avoid getting tanned especially when at the beach and you should definitely avoid getting artificially tanned (it’s even worse).