Carrot Apple Slaw – Don’t LOSE this recipe


With crunchy carrots, sweet and tart apples, dried cranberries, salty feta cheese, and a creamy dressing, this Carrot Apple Slaw is a refreshingly sweet and savory salad for summer!

In the summer one of my favorite side dishes is slaw.  It goes great with burgers, ribs and even on top of a super messy BBQ pulled pork sandwich!  In the past few years I’ve started to branch out my slaw repertoire.  I’ve told you before that color is big for me, so I’ve started incorporating lots of colors along with delicious flavors when it comes to slaw.

This Carrot and Apple Slaw is no exception.  Just look at the bright orange from the carrots.  When I opened my delivery from Grimmway farms and saw a bag of carrot slaw I knew that I was going to make slaw!  It made it so easy!  The flavor of this slaw is sweet and a tad sour.  I like the rice wine vinegar in the dressing because it adds to the sweetness but if you don’t haven any you could also use an apple cider vinegar.  I can’t wait to make this again and again this summer!

How to make it:


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