Simple, easy and rich of flavors! This slow-cooked pepper steak is so delicious. It doesn’t hurt to change our style for time to another! Let me know if you love it.

This slow cooker pepper steak recipe is very easy to make yet simply packed with flavor. Our entire family loves this Chinese pepper steak recipe and we have put it on the family favorite rotation list! I think your family will love it too! Serve over a bed of rice alongside a salad and dinner is done. In fact, we make our rice in the Instant pot, so this dinner was crazy easy using my two favorite appliances.

You can make this easy pepper steak recipe on the stove if you want but in the crock pot this easy pepper steak recipe is delicious. It is so soft and tender. The beef isn’t chewing. It literally falls apart it is so tender and the flavor is simply amazing! This Crockpot Pepper Steak Recipe will not disappoint!

How to make  Crockpot Pepper Steak Recipe:

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