Creative ways to deep clean your car


We all remember the hard work we put in before buying our very first car, all of the extra work, the hard final week of each month that we went through, and that is why our cars are very special to us. A dirty car can make its owner uncomfortable on so many levels, that is why you should know about these creative deep cleaning ideas.

1. Vacuum the interior

Vacuuming your car’s interior can actually make a huge difference. The vacuuming method can help you clean the nooks and crannies that you can simply access. Make sure to use a dustbuster type handled vacuum ad don’t forget to adjust the seats to gain access to more space.

2. Clean the floor mats

Take the floor mats out of your car and start vacuuming them if they’re made of fabric. If you have rubber floor mats, then use a mild soap to clean them.

3. Clean the seats

To clean the seats, apply an auto-fabric cleaner to the seats and use a cleaning brush to gently scrub the cleaner. If you have deep stains, you may want to use a foaming cleanser. As for leather seats, make sure to use a leather cleaner to avoid damaging the seats. Once done vacuum the interior.

4. Clean the electronics

Use canned air to get rid of all the dust, then use an electronics cleaner to clean your car’s electronics (use the same cleaner that you use to clean your computer)

5. Clean dashboard

If you have a plastic dashboard, then you should use a mild soap to clean it up. Simply use a microfiber cloth to clean the dashboard, and if it is dirty, then an auto interior cleaner (the same one that’s used on leather upholstery), and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gain access to hard to reach spots.

6. Clean the windows and mirrors

To clean your car’s mirrors and windows make sure to use an ammonia-free glass cleaner because the ammonia can damage the rubber window sealing. Use microfiber to clean the windows and mirrors without streaking them.

7. Clean your headlights

To clean your headlights, mix toothpaste with window cleaner to clean your dirty headlights.

8. Clean your wheels

To clean your wheels, make sure to apply an all-purpose cleaner right after hosing down your wheels with high pressure.

9. Wash the exterior of the car

Fill two buckets with water, then use a soft sponge to clean to wash your car’s exterior. Make sure to have a bucket full of soapy water and one to use for rinsing to avoid reabsorbing the dirt back into the sponge.

10. Wax

Once you’re done cleaning your car, give a good old waxing session to protect your paint. Make sure to wax your car in the shade because sunlight can speed the wax hardening process.

Now that the car’s washed, it’s time to wax it! Waxing gives the paint an extra layer of protection. Wax in the shade – sunlight can harden the wax too quickly.


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