Here is why vinegar is good for your laundry


You, like most people, haven’t heard about the benefits of using vinegar for laundry or washing machines. Vinegar is not expansive and can do good for your washing machine and laundry, that is why we present to you 8 great benefits of vinegar for your laundry and washing machine.

1. The washing machine

Vinegar can do greater goods for your machine because it can get rid of the bad smells, molds, and dirt, you just have to use a clean fabric then pour on it some vinegar and start wiping the plastic edges of your washing machine. Furthermore, vinegar can actually disinfect your machine and get rid of nasty smells along the way, simply pour half a bottle of vinegar in the machine and run the highest cycle.

2. Baby clothes

Some people actually buy a new washing machine after having a baby because they don’t want to endanger their baby’s soft and sensitive skin. But if you can’t afford a new washing machine, use vinegar by pouring a cup of it into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine when you want to wash your baby’s clothes. If your baby’s clothes have a lot of stains, mix equal parts of vinegar, warm water, and a tablespoon of baking soda, then soak your clothes in the obtained solution. And if your baby’s clothes have a urine smell, vinegar can help you eliminate that problem.

3. Animal hair

If you have a pet at home then you probably end up with a pile of hair on your clothes. Next time, add vinegar to your washing machine because it actually prevents to some extent animal hair from sticking into your clothes.

4. Soft blankets and clothes

If you don’t want to buy an expensive fabric softener then you are right because vinegar is a great fabric softener and it is very cheap. If you have stiff clothes, try to wash them in your washing machine and use vinegar as a fabric softener and once you put on the clothes after washing them, you’ll feel the difference. Not only this, but you can use vinegar as a fabric softener for blankets as well, you just have to add a little bit of vinegar to your washing machine when washing the blankets. And do you know what the best part is? Vinegar does not leave any kind of smell on the clothes and blankets.

5. Smells

If you suffer from bad smells on your clothes like mold, sweat, or urine, then add vinegar to your washing machine when you want to wash them.

6. Hand wash

If you like to hand wash your bras, socks, and underwear, then this method is for you. Start by making soapy water with the use of a mild hand wash detergent and a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. Vinegar is going to remove the smells and prevent soap residue build up on the clothes.

7. Static

To prevent static clings, simply add vinegar to your laundry.

8. Stains

If you have clothes with juice, coffee, or urine stains, mix equal parts of vinegar and water then soak the clothes in the solution for a whole night, then wash them normally in your washing machine.


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