Here’s why you should always keep a coin in your freezer


When people grow older, they become more and more organized as time goes by because they simply know that the recklessness will no longer work in their favor that is why they develop new habits like having checklists. This habit helps them organize themselves when they’re heading out on a vacation, for example, to make sure that everything is right. That is completely great and today we brought you a new task to add in the checklist.

This method will seem a bit odd, but trust me, it works. If you like to have everything germ-free or if you are a germaphobe, then this method is for you because it will take your food safety practices to a whole new level. This method does not demand many props, you will simply need a coin and a coin only.

This method may seem strange and may sound like a hoax, but it isn’t. I understand why you may feel this way because I didn’t believe in this method either, but after giving it a shot, I completely changed my mind.

If you want this method to work, fill a small container with water entirely and freeze it. Make sure that the water is fully frozen, then put a coin on top of the container and put it back to the freeze and that is it.

You are probably asking yourself, what is this for? Well, this method can be very useful for an efficiency check. Some freezers start losing their freezing abilities, thus they can’t keep items frozen and the coin will be the proof to whether the freezer still has power. If the coin sits on the same spot, then your freezer still has it, but if the coin starts dropping to the bottom then it’s a clear sign that your freezer is getting weaker and this way you’ll know that your food is not as frozen as you think it is.

Sometimes when you’re out of town and you lock down your house, you wonder whether or not your area experienced any power outages; Well, this method will either deny or reinforce your doubt. When you come back home and you find that the coin dropped, then you will know for sure that there was a power outage while you were gone.