Vodka Brilliant Beauty Uses That Will Shock You


Usually when we go out with friends to a bar to have some fun or to party, vodka always turns out to be the first drink that we chose because it is just a very pleasuring moment to have a shot of vodka then start dancing for some odd reason. However, vodka can have many uses other than drinking because it can be a great thing to add up in the daily skin care routine uses.

Fortunately, vodka has other uses than skin care because it can:

  • Remove nasty smells from fabric

Fabric products like clothing and towels start building up a nasty smell as time goes by, and it is not a pleasant smell. Vodka can be used to solve this problem because it can easily exorcise the smell from the fabric. To use vodka for this purpose, simply put the fabric items in your washing machine and add 80 milliliters of vodka to your washing machine alongside your usual laundry detergent, then wash normally.

  • Keep fresh cut flowers looking pretty

Vodka has surprising antibacterial properties because of the alcohol it contains. To kill the bacteria that builds up on your flowers, simply add a teaspoon of vodka per liter of water to your flower vase and this way you’ll be really sharing a drink with your flowers.

  • Clean your face

This is really what it sounds like, rubbing vodka on your faces has benefits because it can reduce pore sizes and reduce acne. Next time, when you buy a bottle of vodka save up a little bit and soak a cotton pad in it and use it to clean your face.

To know more vodka uses, check out this awesome video: