Here’s why you should clean your pillowcase regularly

source: Today

Sometimes you spend a long tiring day at work and you think about one thing and one thing only, lying down on your comfy bed to rest your mind and soul, but it would be bad to find out that there are creatures crawling between your bedsheets to disturb your comfort. This reason alone should motivate you to start cleaning the bedsheets more often.

The disturbing creatures that can crawl between your sheets are dust mites. These tiny creatures eat hair cells and dead skins that you leave behind and which place contains them all? That’s right, your bed. Sometimes, people assume that they are allergic to dust, they can be right, but it can most likely be the dust mites’ dump.

source: Medium

The minuscule beasts favor humid and warm places and for that reason, they adore living in your bedsheets especially right after you wake up because you provide the ideal dust mites’ living conditions. If you have skin irritations, watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, and suffer from sneezing, then you probably have dust mite allergy.

Rob Dunn, a North Carolina State University biologist, found that pillowcases and toilets both have the same amount of bacteria, and he also found that they both have fecal contamination. He found this result after collecting samples from different parts of many subjects’ homes. These results are seriously shocking and disturbing.

source: Today

Don’t lose hope because there is a solution to reduce dust mites. First, make sure to leave your sheets in the scrambled state after waking up for a while to let the bed linens dry out to deter dust mites. And you should start washing your bedsheets regularly, and by regularly I mean at least once a week. When you wash the linens make sure to wash them on a hot water cycle. Also, make sure to use either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide at once a month to clean the mattress at least once a month.

Don’t let the tiny bugs disturb your peaceful moments. Use the mentioned tips to fight and kick them out.