How To Escape Zip Ties If You’re Ever In This Terrifying Situation


We love to see how spies and special agents manage to escape sketchy situations in the movies, but sadly, real life is not like the movies because getting obducted and zip tied can be one of the most if not the most horrific situation that can happen to you. It’s unlikely for it to happen, but the probability is not 0 especially in places where the crime rate is significantly high, that is why learning this skill is fundamental to get yourself out of it if it happens to you some times.

source: Fast Tech

A Youtuber that goes by the name “Crazy Russian Hacker” made a video where he explains how to properly escape a zip tie. He showed his audience and the entire world how to exploit your surroundings to your favor by simply using shoelaces to break free of the zip ties. If you watch the video, you will see that the zip ties actually snapped.

Here’s the Crazy Russian Hacker video that showcased the proper way to escape zip ties:

If you ever find yourself in an abduction situation, remaining calm and focused can play a major role when it comes to survival and getting out safely. If you managed to free yourself from the zip ties, it is important for you to wait for the perfect moment to escape and not just rush out without thinking because it will only make things worse for you. Remaining calm can actually push your captives to think that you don’t pose any danger and they won’t keep an eye on you that much which gives you a window to properly plan and think about the escape plan.


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