Here’s why you shouldn’t remove chicken skin


Removing chicken skin is a habit that everybody started adopting just because they are from the juicy and tender part of the chicken. Yes, eating chicken without skin has its benefits but it does not mean that eating it with skin is unhealthy or gross, it is the exact opposite. As a matter of fact, eating chicken with skin has its own benefits.

The chicken skin

We all heard a rumor or two about chicken skin and how terrible and unhealthy it is. We all heard from someone or somewhere that it makes you fat and can raise cholesterol levels, or even cause heart disease, and so many other claims. However, a defense team stood up for the chicken skin, competent persons decided to put an end to these rumors people like Dr. Walter Willet of HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH and Amy Myrdal Miller a Registered Dietitian of The Culinary Institute of America.

Amy Miller said that chicken skin is full of fat, but it contains unsaturated fat. It is actually a healthy and useful fat that can be also found in fish, avocado, and nuts. Furthermore, some studies have shown that the replacement of saturated fats like cheese, red meats and butter by unsaturated fats, like the one found in chicken skin, cab lower chances of getting a heart disease.

Some people are afraid of weight gain because of fat consumption. Dr. Willet said a piece of interesting information, which is: “Eating or drinking more calories than you need from any source, whether it’s fat, carbohydrate, protein, or alcohol can lead to weight gain.” Basically, this means that the source of calories does not matter, what matters is the consumption.

With this in mind, you are now probably not surprised to know that chicken without skin has fewer calories than chicken with skin, but the surprise is the fact that the calory difference is not that big. For example, a roasted drumstick without the skin is almost 175 calories and the same drumstick with the skin is just 200 calories. As you can see, there is no important difference between the two, 25 calories can be almost neglectable, so don’t get rid of the main component of flavor.

Let’s talk about flavor now. It is very clear that the fat in the chicken skin adds flavor to the dish, which is why people who remove it, replace it with butter or salt to keep things nice and tasty. Leaving the skin on is both the healthiest and time-saving option because chicken skin actually makes the cooking process go faster.

What You Should Be Cautious of With Chicken

Now that we made the point of chicken skin is safe and healthy clear, it is time to move to something else, so pay close attention. Some studies have shown that antibiotics used on livestock can be one of the causes of antibacterial resistance in humans. Antibacterial resistance happens when bacteria learn how to stand up against drugs that were made to eliminate them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that in the US alone, 23,000 people die every year because of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Don’t be afraid and stop consuming chicken because according to the CDC, it is not the solution because everyone can have it and antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be also found in fruits and vegetables that we consume.

You should not worry as long as you follow the necessary procedures when you are cooking chicken. Take the necessary precautions to lower the risks.

This is what you need to do:

  • Every time you deal with raw chicken, wash your hands and surfaces thoroughly.
  • Use separate dishes if you are cooking another meat with your chicken. (cutting boards, knives, etc, are also included to avoid cross-contamination)
  • Buy a leat thermometer and cook your meat at 165°F, and check the suitable temperature for every different meat you decide to cook.
  • Keep the meat refrigerated at or below 40°F

I get it, you want to avoid having the deadly germs, but avoiding chicken is not a solution, and surely it is not thee healthier or tastier decision but in some cases, it can be a very wise choice. Don’t push away the tasty chicken skin and give it a chance an I’m sure that you’ll love it, so take the necessary precautions before cooking the chicken and enjoy that crispy skin.