How to Clean a Showerhead That’s Seen Better Days


You know you need to clean your showerhead when the water starts shooting out in all directions or your flow becomes almost nonexistent, it means that your showerhead holes are clogged with minerals and need some deep cleaning. But don’t worry, there’s no need to change it. Here is the fastest and easiest way you can solve this problem.

How to clean your showerhead:

1. Using a scrubber sponge, try to wipe as much of the dry debris from the holes.

2. Now mix a solution of white vinegar and water and pour it into a plastic bag.

3. Put the plastic bag around your showerhead to soak the holes in the solution, then secure the bag with a twist tie.

4. Let it soak in the mixture for up to an hour.

5. Remove the bag and wipe the excess deposits away. Then run the hot water through your showerhead to allow it to flush and you’re ready to go!

Maintain Your Shower

Now that your showerhead is flowing freely, make sure the rest of your bathing experience keeps up.


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