Sauerkraut Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole


About this Recipe

Unlike baking a cake or cookies, when making casseroles measurements to not need to be exact and substitutions are allowed. Casseroles are the type of thing that after you have made it, you get inspirations and will think “Next time I’ll add this or that or do something a little differently”. If you want to make cabbage rolls but you are not in the mood to make the rolls or you are short on time, lazy cabbage rolls are the answer. You get the same wonderful flavor as with rolled cabbage rolls but you use this shortcut method for preparation. In this version we have added sauerkraut to the lazy cabbage rolls because it seems our family just loves sauerkraut so, why not sneak it into recipes that you know this ingredient will take the dish to the next level in flavor!

Ingredients  :

Makes 8 Servings

4 cups cooked rice

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

2 Tablespoons butter

1/2 large sized white onion, diced

1 small cabbage, 2 cups worth shredded, that has been frozen and thawed

2 cups sauerkraut

2 cups stewed tomatoes

2 Tablespoons tomato paste

Directions :