How To Clean Yellowed Pillowcases, The Easy Way.


I made the decision of moving from khaki sheets to white sheets at our home around a half year ago. I chose the white ones because they lighten up our rooms, but the only annoying thing is that I wash them regularly. I wash our sheets every Wednesday and I stick to this schedule.

And even though I washed the sheets and pillowcases every Wednesday, the pillowcases kept looking grimy and yellow. My husband’s pillowcase always looked yellow no matter how many times I washed it or how I washed it.

I kept reading articles in cleaning blogs and I finally found an amazing way to clean the pillowcases. If your pillows are oily and smudged, then keep reading to know how to clean them properly.

I once read that it’s a good idea to use shampoo to clean your pillowcase. It’s said that the yellow stains on your pillowcases are just oil from your hair. My husband and I both shower in the morning so we have oilier hair towards the night.

I tried this method after reading it by using shampoo on the pillowcase. I used this cheap Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo because it’s the one that we usually use and it’s not going to hurt your pockets after using lots of it for the pillows.

To clean my pillows, I poured a lot of shampoo on the pillowcases, then used a toothbrush to focus on it.

I let the shampoo absorb the pillowcase for 10 minutes, then I washed the pillowcase on a warm water cycle with the shampoo still in it. I was amazed at how well it worked and I couldn’t believe my eyes!