Here’s why you should always have a lemon on the nightstand


Many people know that lemon can be used as an additive that can add a unique taste to food, and they also know that it can either be used to make tea, make lemon juice, or mix it with water to have a refreshing drink. But, what most people don’t know is the fact that it contains some health properties that can be exploited for really unexpected uses.

Sleeping next to a cut lemon can be extremely beneficial to you because if you inhale the lemon scent, your body gets full use of homeopathy. In other words, sleeping next to a cut lemon can reduce blood pressure, increase productivity, reduce airway inflammation and calm allergies, increase alertness, reduce stress, and most importantly calm you down.

The Skin Care Ox founder, Diane Elizabeth said:

The ‘health benefits’ that everyone is talking about is actually just the effect of aromatherapy,”

And she added:

“The idea is that if you place slices of lemon next to your bed, then you will breathe in the subtle scent of lemon at night. Lemon has been used as a powerful aromatherapy essential oil for ages and it has been credited with such benefits as increased concentration, decreased stress levels, most likely the result of increased serotonin production, and a soothing effect on the respiratory system.”

Lemons can be used for other purposes other than health-related ones, for example, they can repel ants if you rub their juice around the possible ants’ entryways (you can learn how to get rid of ants and other insects here), this happens because the citrus smell disrupts the trail scent of the ants which will make them go away and avoid getting into that area.

Lemons can be also used to freshen up the air because when they’re on your nightstand they provide aromatherapy while freshening the air with their amazing smell.