How To Make Famous KFC Chicken (Recipe)


Growing up, my siblings and I were so excited the few times a year our parents would come home with a giant bucket of KFC chicken. No, it’s not exactly the healthiest food in the world, but there’s something so satisfying about that perfectly crispy breaded chicken.

source: Food Business News

For decades, people have been trying to discover the secret recipe for KFC chicken. So you can imagine the surprise of a Los Angeles Times reporter when the secret recipe fell into his lap. While visiting the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum, a tribute to the infamous Colonel Sanders we all associate with the KFC brand, a family member began flipping through an old scrapbook with the reporter.

source: AdWeek via KFC

Tucked in the back of the scrapbook was none other than a list of 11 spices to be mixed with two cups of white flour – yes, it was the famous KFC breading and seasoning recipe. Since this recipe has already been making its rounds and clearly isn’t all that secret anymore, we felt it was only fair to share that original, hand-written note with you.

source: Los Angeles Times

And in case you’re a non-believer, YouTuber Recipe30 put that list of secret ingredients to the test. The result? A finger-lickin’, seemingly identical flavor and crispiness when compared to KFC’s actual chicken.