How to Make Leaf Mould (Mold) – Fast & Easy Way


Leaf mold or leaf mulch is a natural compost that is made up to 99% from shade tree leaves. The compost is naturally made when moist leaves decompose over an extended period of time, then they become dark brown or black humus that has a sort of crumbly texture that has a unique earthy aroma.

What sets apart leaf mold from the rest of the composts is the fact that heat and bacteria are the ones responsible for creating it. The process becomes slower during cold days because of the fungal decomposition.

For that reason, you have to collect fallen leaves during the autumn season and put them in a shaded space in the backyard (make sure to use wiring fences to keep them contained). Make sure that the pile is at least 3 cubic feet large. After collecting the leaves, damp them thoroughly and check the moisture levels every once in a while, and make sure to water them once they start drying out.

If your backyard does not have enough space for the large pile, then put them in garbage bags, but you have to moist and seal the bag shut, then poke holes on its sides to let the airflow inside the bag and check up on the moisture levels every two months or so.

Leaf mold usually takes an entire year to form, and in some cases, it only takes six months. Creating a pile of leaves in the autumn can provide you fully decomposed leaves (finished leaf mold) for the next spring season.

If you don’t want to wait for too long and you prefer speeding things up, then follow these easy steps below: