Simple Storage Hacks That’ll Keep Any Home Organized


Are you a cluttered person? Do you have trouble keeping things neat and tidy? Neither, but have too much stuff to put in its place? We think you are. That’s why we’ve curated the best storage methods for those in desperate need of revitalization. Scroll through for tips on how to organize your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Whether you live with roommates, a significant other or kids, you’ll find tips to make life at home easier.


First, for kitchens where storage space is limited, here’s a simple, elegant solution for storing pots and pans and dishes. We all know how difficult it can be to cram a lot of kitchen utensils into a small cabinet in a small apartment. By eliminating the need to store pots and pans, this space is doubled.

All you need for this hack is to buy some plain coat hangers with adhesive backing and glue them to the inside of your cabinets. Measure the size of your pot lids and hangers to make sure everything fits, giving you more space and a less cluttered kitchen.

Lots of towels.

Bathrooms can be very messy, especially in large family homes where it may take several towels. This can be especially frustrating if no one hangs the towels properly and they end up scattered on the floor.

Therefore, a few wide hangers will make your bathroom look a lot better. Hanging both new and used towels on these hangers will give your bathroom a fresh look, and other residents will be more inclined to hang their towels on them.

Keep lots of bottles

We’ve all experienced the endless clutter in our homes. Small items, snacks and odds and ends of necessities are always cluttering the place. Fortunately, we have a solution that kills two birds with one stone.

First, all you need are plastic bottles of various sizes. Punch holes in the plastic bottles and hang them up. Then, if you put the odds and ends together in a homemade storage space at an easily accessible eye level, the clutter is reduced by about 50% and you don’t have to look for mints when you leave the house.

No clutter in the car.

Snacks, toys, baby wipes, paper towels, discarded receipts – cars tend to get cluttered. But not anymore. From now on, there’s a solution to the junk that always gets into your car. Simply purchase a handy cereal dispenser and place a bag of trash in it.

This handy little trick is perfect for cars on the move because it has a lid, so you don’t have to use a fragile car trash can that has contents that fly out when you make a sharp turn. It’s also big enough so you don’t have to keep emptying your trash. It’s a must.

Shoes on the wall.

These days, everyone has a few pairs of shoes. Whether it’s shoes for soccer practice, ballet rehearsal, gardening, the gym or a night out, there’s always a shoe lying around that someone tripped over. So here’s how to keep them out of your living room and clear your foyer.

Putting a basic coat rack at the entrance of your home will solve this problem. Simply oblige all guests and family members to hang up their shoes when they enter the house. Floors won’t be cluttered or muddy, and you won’t lose your shoes before soccer practice begins.

Organize meals

Eating all fruits and vegetables can lead to complete chaos. Potatoes, zucchini, carrots, onions, squash and pumpkins. As delicious as they are. And, of course, they’re hard to store. So, jump out of the vegetable section and get a notebook from the office supplies section.

Originally designed to hold documents and flipcharts, it’s now big enough to hold vegetables with room to spare. You can organize them by type, or you can throw all your vegetables and fruits together in a hodgepodge of colors and flavors. Best of all, no matter how messy it looks, the chaos doesn’t spill over into the rest of the kitchen.

The phone in the drawer

We hate the cobwebs of charger wires that are everywhere we go. Our use of electronic devices doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. That means we have to deal with this hassle ourselves. Fortunately, this clever trick is far ahead of the game.

Insert the extension plugs with sockets into the drawer, organize your charging devices so that all of them fit, and have a charging dock for each device. That way, they won’t get lost and the cords won’t get tangled. And, no more cluttered cords in your beautiful bedroom that become an eyesore.

Hide the Onion

Here’s an alternative to the produce trick mentioned earlier. This is for those who don’t have a lot of counter space and want to keep clutter out of sight. If you have deep, wide drawers in your kitchen or pantry, you only need a few boxes to put them in.

Simply sort all your goods into crates and close the drawers. This simple trick will keep everything you need within reach, while keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. Now you can spend more time relaxing while you make dinner.

Rink organizer.

Remember those fun games you played as a kid? It was great fun watching them slide down the stairs. But this handy little plaything is still very useful.

Fold the pulley and glue the two ends together to form a circle. Then glue the bottom to a plate or pot liner and start gluing all the wrong lids into the gaps. Ta-da! You’ve solved the chronic problem of lost lids. And nostalgia ensues.

Bags, bags, bags.

Bags are everywhere. One minute you think you bought an extra one at the grocery store, and the next minute the cabinet under the sink could be overflowing with millions of plastic bags, flooding the room and swallowing you up.

Fortunately, an empty tissue box solves this problem. Simply fold the extra plastic bags, place them inside the tissue box, grab the handle of the first bag and start pulling. The rest of the bag will remain out of sight and out of mind.