The right way to pick a Watermelon


Summer is here people! Guess what? It’s watermelon season!

Those are great new for fruit lovers; I personally consume a lot of Watermelons during hot days, but we got an issue here, HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT ONE? We only need to get sweet ripe watermelons; don’t you hate it when they turn out to taste like a cucumber? Follow my instructions to choose wisely your piece of fruit.

Take your kitchen notebook out, make sure to jot things down!

Tips to pick a Watermelon

  1. Look for a heavy watermelon

When planning to buy a watermelon, look for the one hat feels heavier for its size, this means that it’s full of water and sweetness (that’s a very good sign)!

Make sure to compare two or three watermelons at a time (the same shape and size) and take the heaviest.

  1. Find a yellow spot!

Finding a big yellow spot on a watermelon is a good sign, it indicates that the piece of fruit is ripe and ready to be eaten. I know it may confuse you, I also thought that the best watermelons should be all green and shiny. All Okay!

  1. Take the best shaped watermelon

Watermelons are as sensitive as human beings, they love being treated gently, that’s why you should look for irregular bumps or lumps on them, if they existed, don’t buy them! (it’s a sign of not getting enough water and sunlight)

  1. Hear the Watermelon

This may sound weird, but watermelons do talk!

Hold the watermelon, tap it several times and listen carefully to the sound inside. If the sound was too deep and dull, that watermelon isn’t the one, repeat tapping technique once more to make sure of the sound.

  1. What is the color of your watermelon?

Take this as a life advice, never ever buy a shiny watermelon! They’re all under-ripe, look for dark green, dull watermelons (those are the perfect ones).

  1. Brown spots on the watermelon skin?

If you found brown spots on a watermelon, buy it immediately! Brownish web plats are sweetness signs.

Useful tips aren’t they? Practicing them when ever you buy a watermelon will make you an expert!

Since you got this precious information about watermelon, you definitely need more!

How to cut your Watermelon?


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