Your guide to use Flour: Swap, Supplement and substitute.


Last night, I took a nap and woke up with a big intension to talk about bakeries and flour. It may meat something, but I never had the idea to talk about different types of flour, It’s my first time sharing this knowledge with you folks.

Yes! Most of you people don’t know what to use and when to use all kinds of flour, it may be confusing but It’s a must! You can improve your baking skills by mastering the power of flour. Get your kitchen notebook out as usual and jot down this precious acknowledge.

Types of flour and their uses!

To mention, not all flours can be replaced! Follow the instructions bellow and try not to overthink things, I made it so simple for you!

Gluten Free Flours

This one right here is considered as a good replacement for white flour, both of them give almost the same texture of goods. But hold on! You must know that the gluten in the wheat is the one controlling the good’s structure, it makes bread rise well and cookies crunchy.

My friend, be careful when buying any type of flours, make sure to take a good known brand to avoid some troubles in baking!

In addition, gluten-free flours are mostly used in special recipes that were originally developed to go along with gluten-free flours, it gives fabulous results with cookies, brownies, muffins and of course PANCAKES! Mixture 5 or 6 tablespoons of gluten free flour with your white flour; you’ll notice the difference!

You can also consider these varieties, add them if you wish or replace a cup or two of white flour with them.

  • Almond flour: This latter is made from ground almond; it increases the feeling of fullness which helps raising your sensation of satisfaction. Almond flour has a lot of benefits, it reduces glycemic and blood sugar, full of protein (vitamins, healthy fat and fiber).

If you were looking for a healthy flour replacement, Almond flour is your answer! Don’t hesitate to add it or even look for recipes that only includes almond flour!

  • Coconut flour: This flour is the best option for different diets, it contains digestible carbohydrates, a lot of fiber and healthy fats. Coconut flour can replace almond flour, but make sure to moisture more your recipe!

As for suitable coconut flour diets, we have paleo, keto and much more diets.

  • Oat flour: This latter is made from ground-up rolled oats, it can be homemade but it requires much work. Like others, oat flour is full of nutrition like vitamins, fiber and protein!

White Flour

White flour is a fluffy flour, famous for being suitable to bake all kinds of goods. It’s an all-day used flour that every one keeps close to the eye!

There are a lot of variety categories, mentioning:

  • Pastry Flour: Pastry flour is a low protein flour, used in baking pies and pastries! I don’t recommend it for pizza dough and yeast breads, don’t even ask me why!
  • Of course, cake flour! As the name tells, this one is only for baking cakes and goods with a light crumb. Switch to cake flour instead of all-purpose flour!
  • Also, All-purpose Flour known as refined flour or “flour”! Gently made from wheat grains (without the brown covering), used in baking almost everything. Yes! EVERYTHING.