These Gingerbread Oreos Look Just Like Christmas Cookies


Of course, those who are obsessed with the Oreo can remember that this is not the first time the best Nabisco cookie has been made with gingerbread. But last time, it seems the emphasis was on gingerbread cream instead of gingerbread cookie. From everything I know about gingerbread cookies (an experience that consists almost exclusively of eating them), I would say that choosing a cookie that replicates the flavor makes a little more sense, and certainly makes a lot more sense than a ginger ale.

So, if you somehow get involved in a vacation cookie exchange (which may or may not involve sending cookies to people this year) against your will, you could probably do worse than offer those Oreos. Because not only are they beautiful, but they probably taste good too. Just make sure you hide the packaging and you might legitimately fool some people. Good luck with that.