Use these 10 home remedies to deal with toenail fungus

If you have a toenail fungus then you probably have a thick and discolored nail, and you know how hard it is to get rid of it. Plus, it makes simple things like wearing shoes seem very very hard, and in some cases, it causes shame to some people because the fungus makes them feel insecure. But you can deal with the toenail fungus using these next 10 home remedies.
1. Tea tree Epsom salt-based oil soak. 
This is a tea tree oil product with Epsom salt base that you can use to soak your foot in it. This miraculous product can actually help you deal with the fungus better than a lot of prescribed medications.
2. Garlic. 
Simply crush one garlic then mix it with white vinegar (you can also use garlic oil) until you get a paste. Once done, start rubbing the paste on your fungal infection, then apply more and wrap it with a bandaid and wear socks. Let it stay for a couple before removing everything. Use this method 2 to 3 times a week for good results.
3. Baking soda. 
Baking soda is a diverse product that you can use to get rid of odors caused by the fungus and to also deal with the fungal infection and absorb moisture that causes fungus growth. Simply soak your feet in a bucket of baking soda and let it do all the work
4. Mouthwash. 
Simply mix water with mouthwash equally, then soak your feet in the solution and let the antiseptic properties of mouthwash deal with the fungal infection.
5. Clotrimazole. 
Clotrimazole deals with not only yeast infections but fungal infections as well. You can apply any counter yeast cream on the infected toe and it will work like a charm.
6. White vinegar. 
Vinegar can be helpful around the house and can deal with a lot of things including toenail fungus because it terminates bacteria. Simply mix water and white vinegar equally, then soak your feet into that solution.
7. Eucalyptus oil.
Eucalyptus oil also has a lot of uses including dealing with toenail fungus. Simply apply it on the infected toe and it will kill the fungus and leave you with a fresh smelling foot.
8. Cornmeal.
Use this next solution to soak your feet in; Simply soak a cup of cornmeal in 2 quarts of water for about an hour, then soak your feet in the solution and let them stay for about 30 minutes.
9. Mentholated cream.
A study conducted by the Journal of American Board of Medicine showed that half of the group who used Vick’s Vapor Rub on their fungal infection showed a remarkable improvement.
10. Snakeroot extract. 
Apply a snakeroot extract on your infected toe and let it do all the job for you. The extract does the exact job as ciclopirox and they both deal with the fungal infections.
Use these remedies to deal with the fungus that infected your toes to enjoy toes without fungus.


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