Use these 8 yoga stretches to relieve IBS symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome or simply IBS affects a lot of people especially women, causing chronic pain. Ibs makes people feel weak and hopeless, but if you have IBS we bring you 8 methods that can relieve your IBS symptoms. You will be shocked after seeing the effectiveness of these following methods.
1. Happy Baby
This pose can bring joy to your heart. To actually do it, you need to lay on your back then hug your knees into your chest and let them drop widely apart, then try to grab the soles of your feet while maintaining the bent shape of the legs with feet being directly on top of the knees. Reach for your big toes and grab them while staying relaxed by dropping your shoulder blades to the ground, then take 10 really deep breathes.
2. Gate Pose
First, get down to your knees and start stretching your right leg out towards the right while keeping your heel down on the ground with your foot flat and toes reaching to the floor. Start breathing in and raising your left arm at the same time. Start exhaling and start leaning your torsi towards the right leg. Put your right hand on the floor or on a block, then start feeling your breath in your left rib cage, belly, and waist. Maintain this pose for at least 5 breaths and 10 breaths at max, then repeat the same exercise, but this time for the other side. Once done, kneel again and put your hands on your side ribs and start feeling the breath movement using your hand. Let your rib cage expand and contract by breathing fully and patiently.
3. Revolved Triangle
To relieve constipation and improve the digestion process, start doing this revolved triangle position. First, you have to step back your left foot by three feet and make sure to put your foot completely down on the floor with your toes turning outwards a little bit, then take your left torso side towards the floor and place your left hand on a block and your right hand on your waist. Inhale patiently, then exhale while revolving the right side of your ab and chest upwards towards the ceiling. Make sure that your left side is turned to your right, and hold this position for 5 to 10 breaths, then do the same but for the other side.
4. Deep Squat

Use deep squats to compress your lower abs. First, stand up and make sure that your feet hip distance is apart, then start slowly bending your knees while keeping your chest open, back straight, and abdomen tightly pulled in. When you finally reach the deep squat position, relax and maintain the pose’s stretch and strength, and you will start feeling better in no time.

5. Forward Fold
Another way to compress your abdomen is by doing a forward fold (this method can also help the bowel to move easily). When you start doing this pose, don’t mind the fact that your hands can’t reach the floor or that you can’t maintain straight knees. Instead, focus on keeping a straight back and a heavy head. If you find it difficult, use a block to support your hands.
6. Legs Up The Wall
If you have diarrhea, lie down on the floor and make sure that your feet are facing the wall, then start bringing your bottom close to the wall, then use a pillow for backside support. Now start climbing your legs up the wall until they’re completely up there in a comfortable resting position. Maintain this position for at least five minutes to restore your bowels to a calm state.
7. Supported Child’s Pose
If you have problems with digestion, grab your towels and stack them together to help you do the child’s pose. Start by getting down on your hands and knees, then sit back on your ankles, then fold your torso over the towels that you previously stacked, and hold this position for a minimum time of 5 minutes.
8. Prone Savasana
This is the easiest position to do, simply lie down on your stomach and relax. But, for more comfort and calm breathing, fold a blanket and put it underneath your ankles, then lay down on your stomach and relax for a minimum time of five minutes. This is the easiest and comfiest way to relieve IBS symptoms.