Use this technique to relief foot and heel pain


Fasciitis is the main cause of foot and heel pain because it generates a stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot. The pain generated from plantar fasciitis is usually triggered after a walk, long-standing periods or rising from sitting. It is quite painful but does not require surgery because Dr. Donald DeFabio found a way to treat it.

The method that Dr. Donald uses promotes healing by driving blood into the foot. This happens due to the use of stainless steel tools to breakdown the scar tissue and to somehow create some elasticity in the foot. In a clinical session, the same method will be used on calves because elastic calves do not let the foot curl the wrong way. When the therapy is done, the clinician will take the pressure off plantar fasciitis by wrapping the foot in 2 types of tape.

Here’s a video explaining this treatment in details: