What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 2 Bananas A Day


Health experts have a love relationship with bananas. Some caution against eating a lot of them off while others state they’re beneficial for you. Entirely confounding. We were interested to find what truly happens when you eat two bananas every day—the outcome is quite decent!

These positive things happen.


Obviously, a banana is wealthy in sugar and a few (e.g., diabetics) must be cautious when eating it. On the off chance that you practice and eat generally solid nourishments, at that point you can expect the accompanying on the off chance that you eat two bananas every day.

You get more energy

The sugars in bananas will give you more vitality since that vitality is consumed gradually. Tidbits improved with granulated sugar will give you an underlying eruption of vitality, but this will rapidly wear off.

Your muscles won’t squeeze as frequently

Have you at any point woken up in the center of the night with muscle cramps? You can lessen the recurrence by eating bananas. They contain elevated levels of potassium, which guarantees that your muscles won’t contract as fast.

You’ll experience the ill effects of indigestion

Do you regularly experience the ill effects of acid reflux? At that point the banana is your closest companion. When eaten at the beginning of indigestion, a banana will give quick alleviation by killing the corrosive in your stomach.


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