Woman Transforms Table Found On Side Of The Road Into Beautiful And Unique Furniture Piece


I’ve always had a deep passion for both gardening and antiques. It’s no surprise that whenever I’m out for a leisurely stroll and come across a piece of furniture abandoned at the roadside, my curiosity gets the better of me – I feel compelled to inspect it, and more often than not, I do. As fate would have it, I recently discovered that Alicia, an enthusiastic DIY enthusiast, shares the same sentiment. According to her story on Hometalk, Alicia stumbled upon an old table that had been carelessly discarded, and what she did with it transformed it into a stunning piece of furniture that truly captivated my attention.

The table Alicia had stumbled upon was in quite a sorry state; it was missing both pieces of its glass top and bore numerous cuts and scratches on its wooden surface. Determined to give it a new lease on life, Alicia embarked on a remarkable transformation journey.

Her first step involved stripping and meticulously sanding down the table’s legs and frame to create a clean canvas for her project. With a keen eye for design, Alicia then employed a layering technique that would eventually breathe new life into this abandoned piece.

To address the missing glass top, Alicia ingeniously crafted a frame that would accommodate a cushion she had fashioned for the tabletop. This cushion was expertly made using thick foam, which Alicia adorned with a tasteful French-inspired fabric. The result was not only visually striking but also added a touch of comfort and elegance to the table.

Alicia’s creative touch didn’t stop there. To achieve a charming shabby-chic aesthetic, she skillfully patinated the table’s legs and frame, infusing it with character and a sense of history. The finishing touch was a clear wax application, which cleverly left the folds of the table with a darker hue, contributing to a unique and dimensional finish.

In line with the timeless appeal of traditional benches, Alicia paid attention to every detail. She covered the table’s bottom with felt, providing the entire piece with a polished and finished appearance. The end result was nothing short of extraordinary – a French-inspired antique bench that could effortlessly grace the foyer, living room, or even the bedroom.

Alicia’s remarkable project serves as a testament to the transformative power of DIY endeavors. While I may not consider myself much of a DIY enthusiast, her story has undeniably ignited a spark of inspiration within me, making me contemplate the possibility of embarking on my own furniture recycling adventures in the future. Kudos to you, Alicia, for your outstanding craftsmanship and the beauty you’ve breathed into this abandoned table!

image source: Hometalk/Alicia